PRIMARYSECONDARYStudent Information Guides and Assessment Policy Booklets

Primary Academics Information Afternoon
A series of presentations for parents on some of the academic programs implemented at Redfield. The presentation slides and videos are available on the page above.

Elevate Resources

Throughout Years 7-12 Elevate Education present study skills seminars to our students. Below are the workbooks that are provided to students during these sessions. We encourage parents and teachers to be familiar with them to enhance a whole school approach to effective work habits.

2018 Booklets for Years 7 to 12

Stationery Lists 2019

YEAR 2W       YEAR 2S
YEAR 3          YEAR 4
YEAR 5          YEAR 6
Years 7-10 Mid-Year Exam Study Guides
Year 7 Time Management
Year 7 Study Skills
Year 8 Writing Elevate Writing Challenge
Year 8 Resource for Academic Documents
Year 9 Memory Mnemonics
Year 10 Study Sensei 
Year 11 Student Elevate
Year 11 Time Management
Year 12 Ace Your Exams
Year 12 Memory Mnemonics

Assessment Forms

Years 7 to 10
Extension Request Form 

Years 11 and 12
Form A - Illness/Misadventure
Form B - Explanation of Absence Prior to Task
Form C - Appeal of Assessment Result